About Christine:

After training and working as a professional actor in theatre and film Christine still felt unfulfilled and the itch to find greater meaning began..

Realizing she no longer has the passion to fight to live the actors life , Christine threw in the towel, hung up her thespians dreams, ( as well as her server’s apron), followed her heart and head, went back to school and changed careers.

For the past eight years she  has worked as a career advisor, trainer, job developer and currently does Employer Relations for a major post secondary institution in Ontario.

My thoughts on career transition and career passion are based on both my formal work and education, but more importantly ( and hopefully more interestingly)  based on my life story.  How I got from there to here is what really taught me the most- well that, and theatre school.

My passion is helping other people find their passion.

Email me to say hello or leave a comment. I will answer all emails!



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