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How to make more Money and create more Meaning

6 Jun

By 401K

Recently, in a career conversation with a friend we were discussing how to generate 2 things for her:

1)  More money

2)  More meaning

Obviously she is not alone in this quest.

The first thought for most of us is how to  merge the two areas to find meaningful higher paying work.

However, depending on your skills and definition of meaning, this may be easier said than done- especially in the short term and particularly for those who do not feel they quite fit into a neat and tidy lucrative box.

So, if you too are seeking more meaning or more money- or both –before you quit your day job or pursue a higher paying, potentially all consuming job, consider this possibility: create multiple streams of income by riding the freelance or starting a side business.

The internet has provided a plethora of opportunities for people to create revenue streams.  For example, I have a side business as an Independent Stylist for Stella & Dot which provides me: fun, cash and an enhanced accessories wardrobe. I set the pace and work when I want to and I meet lots of amazing women and have started new friendships and expanded my network.

I  know many people selling products or freelancing to pay for *extras*, or simply to provide fun and meaning. These side gigs can (and often do) turn into full time well-paying jobs that replace people’s previous income.

I think they are also a way to explore under developed or under used aspects of yourself , and build new skills on your own terms. This is also a way to make money while building new skills rather than spending money by re-training.

I had no idea I would love being a part of a company like Stella & Dot– but it has really brought me a risk free way to explore and enjoy my inner entrepreneur.

Maybe you are a writer, social media expert or graphic design guru- offer your services up to small businesses looking to farm out these types of projects.

Really, any skill or hobby can be turned into an income stream, meaningful side gig or preferably both.

The point of this story: the career ladder may not be for you- diversifying your income streams may end up being more interesting, more rewarding and actually more secure in this rapid change economy. If you lose your day job your income has simply lowered rather than vanished.

The rebel in me also likes this as it bucks the need to be defined by your day job, a title or rank and feeds self empowerment.

So claim your niche. No niche is too small…

So first ask yourself this:

What do you know best or think about most?  What do you love to do or read about?  How can this bring value to others?  What makes you and your skills unique and/ or remarkable?  Or even better:  What makes you come Alive?

Then ask your self this:

The big question is whether you are going to be able to say a hearty yes to your adventure.
Joseph Campbell


What is holding you back?

9 May

I have successfully avoided taking statistics for most of my adult life.

But now, the time has come and I must succumb.
So, I will take a stats class the same way one takes wheat grass: quickly, because it is good for you. For a chaser I will do something I love to do to reward myself for putting up with myself for the duration of the stats class, like finally get my blog posts up and making them public.
As a result of my own misery I would like you to put yourself through something miserable as well.

This sounds counter to most career advice: Do what you love!  Do What You Are! (a great book), follow your passion, it will energize you and make you a millionaire..

Instead I am suggesting you do something you dislike, that is hard for you, that you generally avoid. I am just not telling you to do this for a living.

This is also known as: working on your weakness, which is something most thinking, warm blooded creatures avoid.  For some of you this may mean taking a warm and fuzzy class like: Learning to Speak the Language of Compassion, or Making Hot Soups on a Cold Day.

But more likely if you are a: ‘ right brain, creative, follow your passion no matter how unrealistic it is type’, which is often typified by the ENFP, a class in Advanced Excel may be just what the doctor ordered.
Often the one thing that stands between us and our desired career or life is that one area of weakness or rather that one thing we avoid.

In doing career coaching for diverse clients I have noticed that for each person there is often one area that is keeping them stuck. For some, we get stuck when we come across the ‘unfun’ stuff. These are the detailed, mundane, banal tasks that all projects eventually require.

We may feel like we are abandoning ourselves when faced with tasks that make us uncomfortable, this feels like we are abandoning our dream and this is the greatest horror of all for some of us.

For my more rational clients, say an ISTJ type, sometimes their ‘stuck place’, is allowing themselves to take a risk in to the irrational- the emotional and the nontraditional space that is also required to move forward in pursuit of their creative visions.

We are out of our comfort zone. And yes, this is where the magic does happen.
Sometimes, or maybe almost alwayswe need to do things that are uncomfortable to create the type of life that we want.
Thought for the day:
Do something you avoid, it may make you a lot happier.